good food

It took months to shrink wrap your physique down to beach body perfection. Keeping yourself lean and muscular all summer long is going to require plenty more smart food choices. Here are some light, easy to prepare, high-protein suggestions from Team ON.

Tuna Salad
8 oz Can of Tuna Packed in Water
Leaf Lettuce
Yellow Pepper
Vine Ripe Tomato
Shredded Carrots
Tablespoon of Fat Free Mayo

After washing the vegetables, tear leaf lettuce into pieces and toss in a bowl. Chop onion, celery, bell pepper and tomato on a cutting board before adding to bowl with shredded carrots. Drain off water from can of tuna and add to bowl. Stir in one tablespoon of fat free mayonnaise.

Nutrition Tips:
By choosing tuna packed in water rather than oil, you cut about 150 calories out of the meal. Going with fat free mayo instead of the regular kind cuts an additional 90 calories. The ‘rainbow’ of colorful veggies provides a wider range of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidant support for your active lifestyle.

Chicken Caeser Salad
Chicken Breast
Romaine Lettuce
Whole Wheat Croutons
Low-Fat Parmesan Cheese
Hardboiled Egg
1 Tsp. Lemon Juice
3 Tsp. Olive Oil
1 Tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tsp. Dijon Mustard
1 Tsp. Fat-Free Mayo
Black Pepper

Cook skinless boneless chicken breast on stove, then slice into strips. Slice hardboiled egg into thin spheres. After washing vegetables, arrange romaine lettuce on plate and sprinkle parmesan cheese, egg slices, chicken strips and croutons on top. Mix together heaping teaspoons of lemon juice, olive oil, mayonnaise, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Then press one clove of garlic and add a dash of black pepper. Toss with salad and enjoy.

Nutrition Tips:
Adding a hardboiled egg increases the protein content of salad by 6½ grams with the addition of just 78 calories. A ¼ cup of low-fat dry grated parmesan cheese weighs in at just 5 grams of fat while providing another 5 grams of protein.

Guacamole Greek Yogurt Dip
5.3 oz. container Greek Yogurt
2 Avocados
Red Onion
2 Limes
Black Pepper

Run a sharp knife the long way around both avocadoes, separate into halves and scoop the fruit’s meat into a bowl, discarding skin and core. Mix in Greek Yogurt. Dice red onion and add to mix. Chop up tomato and jalapeno, discarding pulp and seeds, and add to mix. Squeeze in juice from limes and blend to creamy consistency.

Nutrition Tips:
The Greek yogurt increases the protein content of this spreadable dip by an impressive 15 grams. It also brings B vitamins and 20% of your Daily Value for calcium to the mix.
Enjoy on rice cakes or Ezekiel bread.

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