UP Your Mass: The Perfect Muscle Building Macrobolic Nutrition Formula!

Now Available in All Branches in Lebanon

Up Your Mass. The ultimate Mass Building Weight Gainer!* - Supports Dramatic Gains in Muscle Mass and Strength.* - Sustained release Probiotic Protein Helps Keep you Anabolic.* - Promotes Insulin Response for Maximum Muscle Growth.* - 124,000mg of 18 Highly Anabolic Aminos Per Day! 26g Glutamine, 9g Leucine, 7g Arginine, 23g BCAAs.

HP brings the most advanced mass-promoting technology to your nutrition program with Up Your MASS.* The result of over 10 years of research and development, Up Your MASS is so powerful; it can help pack lbs. of muscle onto the frame of the hardest gainer in just 5 weeks!* The superior quality and quantities of muscle building nutrients in Up Your MASS far outweigh those used in competitor weight gain formulas — you will never find another weight gainer that works as quickly and effectively as Up Your MASS!

Up Your MASS – Muscle Building Macrobolic Nutrition® Formula Redefines How People Build Size and Strength

  • Supports Gains in Hard, Dense Muscle Mass and Strength*
  • Sustained Release Probolic Protein Helps Keep You Anabolic*
  • Optimizes Insulin Response to Support Maximum Muscle Growth*
  • 26g Glutamine, 9g Leucine, 7g Arginine, 23g BCAAs

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