Keep Protein Your Priority

You don’t have to count every single calorie and micronutrient to look great.
But protein consumption is the bedrock of any formidable physique, and it will pay off big time if you know yours and keep it dialed in.

“I’ve had great results by always getting at least a gram of protein for every gram of lean mass on my body,” many of you says. “I’m around 220 pounds and about 5-6 percent body fat, so I want to get at least 210 grams of protein each day. When I’m trying to add muscle, I dial it up even higher, as high as 300-310 grams a day.”This prescription may sound familiar, but very few people actually achieve it on a daily basis.

Track your protein intake for a few days to get an honest assessment of how much you’re getting, and adjust accordingly. Come what may, make hitting your number a priority.

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