After age 40, people normally start to lose muscle mass and strength. But there are going to be those stubborn individuals who are determined to stand the test of time. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition suggests they have an ally in protein.

Researchers gave 60 healthy adults in their early 60s a milk-based protein amounting to 0.17 grams per kg of body weight twice daily at breakfast and lunch for 24 weeks. Some received a placebo. Measurements taken after the program showed an increase in muscle mass with protein compared to a loss for the placebo group.

True Strength Moment: There was no mention of strength training in this research abstract, but hitting the weight room and refueling with protein is likely to help transform your body in positive ways – whether you’re in your 20s or older. To see what more frequent eating does for appetite suppression, check out today’s Performance Blog post.