Plyometric depth jumps can help increase maximum power output in lower body muscles. This can be advantageous to athletes participating in a wide range of individual and team sports. Consider the findings of a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research before selecting your drop height.

After testing 30 recreationally active college aged men for maximal muscle strength, scientists had them perform a series of depth jumps from 4.7 inches to 32.2 inches in height. Stronger subjects realized maximal power output on higher drops compared to weaker subjects. So if you’re really strong, work with a 24.4 inch platform, and if you’re new to the gym a 12.5 inch height might be a good place to start.

True Strength Moment: Because everyone’s a little different, you’ll want to experiment with what you can achieve using a range within each target height. Keep going higher as your training gradually progresses and your power output increases.

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