It’s obvious why you shouldn’t text while driving a vehicle. The distraction could lead to an accident. New research from Kent State’s College of Education, Health and Human Services suggests texting or talking on the phone while running the treadmill can limit potential fitness gains by reducing the intensity of exercise.

Researchers had 44 students participate in 4 separate half-hour treadmill sessions. During one, they had no access to a phone. While taking part in the others they either listened to music, talked or texted. Listening to music increased exercise time and intensity, as measured by heart rate, and talking made exercise seem more enjoyable while also reducing running speed. Texting reduced both speed and heart rate.

True Strength Moment: Previous studies have shown that music, especially tunes with a motivational beat, can help you keep at it longer and harder in the gym. This study shows how distractions like talking and texting can hold you back.

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