Active adults have plenty of choices when it comes to protein powders. There are single source products containing only one type, and blends that make use of two or more protein sources. An interesting study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition put whey protein concentrate up against egg albumen in a number of different formulations.

Using lab rats as subjects, researchers mixed a straight whey powder, a blend of 70% hydrolyzed whey and 30% hydrolyzed egg, a 50/50 blend of the same proteins and one that contained 30% hydrolyzed whey and 70% hydrolyzed egg in water. The anabolic response increased 2 to 4 times for all protein drinks 90 minutes after consumption with whey protein concentrate generating a 104% increase in protein synthesis and the 70/30 blend of hydrolyzed whey to egg achieving a 74% increase after 180 minutes.

True Strength Moment: Whey and egg are both complete proteins containing all of the essential amino acids, including the three branched chain amino acids more commonly known as BCAAs. Research determined that hydrolyzed whey protein did the best job of breaking down fats, a process known as lipolysis.

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