Sport-Specific Warm Up Advice

The objective of pre-game warm up is to optimize your performance during competition. Unfortunately, different warm up practices produce different results – some of which can have a negative impact on athletic performance. An analysis of studies published in theEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology offers some tips you can apply to your sport.

Static stretching, which is old school pressure against the joint effort, can impair power production, but not if the duration is less than 90 seconds and the intensity doesn’t approach discomfort. Static stretching on non-competition days can also help improve your range of motion. The article suggests that dynamic stretching needs to be conducted for a longer period of time.

True Strength Moment: If your sport requires a lot of flexibility, short duration static stretching might be the way to go. To enhance on-field performance, get in some moderate intensity aerobic exercise followed by dynamic stretching and sport-specific dynamic movements. Try it out during practice before you commit on game day.

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