Cost Of Breaking With Bread

We’re well enough along into diet season for even the most dedicated adults to really be missing a few forbidden foods. Because bread is one of the most common items to be sliced from any diet, a study published in the journal Clinical Nutritionoffers timely research for those who’ve chosen this path or are thinking about eliminating bread for their meal plans.

Researchers put half a group of 122 women in their 30s and 40s on a low-calorie diet that allowed bread. The other half was placed on a diet identical except for the exclusion of bread. Over the next 16 weeks, nutrition and physical activity were monitored, and 104 of the subjects completed the intervention. Most of the drop-outs came from the no bread group.

True Strength Moment: Allowing yourself to indulge in a cheat meal every so often, even if it’s just a taste of a favorite food, can help you get past rough patches. Give yourself something to look forward to, but don’t get carried away when it comes time to reward yourself.

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