Glutamine & Immune System Health

Glutamine Powder

Harvard Medical School weighed in with tips for maintaining a healthy immune system. Today we offer supplemental assistance in the form of L-Glutamine.Glutamine accounts for about 60% of the amino acids present in skeletal muscle, so its role in during workout muscle contractions and post-workout muscle rebuilding is obvious. Glutamine also helps support your immune system.

The white blood cells that fight bacteria and participate in other immune response functions contain very high levels of glutamine. When glutamine levels are reduced through physical exertion or stress, these cells can become less efficient at doing their job. Supplemental glutamine may offer some assistance to hard-training athletes, especially with so many germs present in the gym.

The Bigger Picture: To get the biggest returns from supplementing with sports nutrition products, you have to eat a healthy balanced diet of whole foods, get plenty of sleep and give your muscles enough time to completely recover from the rigors of training. Those same healthy living suggestions can also help support immune system health.

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