Calisthenics Vs. Agility Training

Physical training in the military involves a lot of calisthenics, lifting, climbing and running. Agility training makes use of cone drills, ladder running and other techniques designed to improve a team sports athlete’s on-field performance. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested one against the other using military recruits.

Forty-one subjects were assigned to engage in 6 weeks of physical or agility training. Workload was the same for both groups. After the training period, tests showed that agility training produced better agility, visual response and improvements in memory with greater exercise capacity. Standard military physical training produced superior time to fatigue.

True Strength Moment: If overall fitness is your goal, combining both types of training might produce the ideal combination of attributes for team sports performance. Mix in some weight training for building muscle size, strength and power. Read today’s Performance Blog for tips on planning a concurrent training program.