Best 20 Minute Recovery Strategy

Cyclists who race in sprinting events don’t always have a lot of time to recover between contests. There are a number of different recovery strategies you can try, and a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance tested four using 11 very experienced cyclists.

Subjects raced four separate 30-second all out sprints with each race separated by 20 minutes. Some wore compression garments while others employed electronic muscle stimulation, humidification therapy or just a passive strategy of walking it off. Results suggest that compression garments and humidity therapy might help propel you to a faster finish during the next race.

True Strength Moment: Some of these techniques would be impractical for many active adults, but wearing compression garments presents you with a simple yet effective approach to sustaining performance through multiple sprinting events. To see what the post-competition recovery of a natural bodybuilder looks like, read today’s Performance Blog