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Vitamin C's Impact On Body Weight

Many active people are focused on the amount of proteins, carbs and fat they consume each day. But you were told to eat your fruits and vegetables for the micronutrient support. Vitamins and minerals have important roles in numerous metabolic functions, and a study from Arizona State University suggests one micronutrient in particular can weigh in on weight loss efforts.

A group of 20 obese men and women were put on a calorie-restricted diet providing 40 mg of vitamin C daily, which is 67% of the recommended daily allowance. Half of these subjects were given a 500 mg vitamin C capsule each day while the rest got a placebo. All subjects lost an average of 9 pounds during the intervention, but those with higher levels of vitamin C tended to oxidize fat at a higher rate.

True Strength Moment: High levels of vitamin C didn’t accelerate fat burning, but low levels did appear to interfere with fat oxidation. Don’t let a lack of micronutrient support hold back your diet plans. If you aren’t getting a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, a high-potency multivitamin might provide you with nutritional insurance.

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Optimizing The Shoulder Press

There are a couple of different ways to work shoulder pressing into your workout. You can be seated or stand, and if you take machines out of the picture, you have a choice of using dumbbells or a barbell. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows the one rep max (1RM) and muscle activation tradeoffs involved in various combinations.

Testing 15 subjects working with 80% of their respective 1RM, scientists determined that anterior deltoid muscle activation was 15% lower when standing and 11% lower when seated using a barbell compared to dumbbells. On the other hand, biceps activation was 33% greater when seated using a barbell instead of dumbells. Triceps activation also favored the barbell, with a 39% increase in muscle activation while standing. 1RM was 7% lower when standing and 10% lower when seated if you went with dumbbells over a barbell.

True Strength Moment
: Obviously, there’s good and not so great aspects to each shoulder press variation. If you work both the seated and standing options, switching between barbells and dumbbells, you’ll make the most of what each combination has to offer. For best results, stick with one option for a couple of weeks before trying another.


Physical Ability Unique to Humans

Through 2 million years of evolution, humans developed an ability to throw with speed and accuracy that no other animal can match. According to a study published in the journal Nature, chimpanzees are incredibly strong and naturally athletic, but can’t throw an object more than 20 miles per hour.

Early humans perfected a method of safely hunting dangerous prey at a distance using stones and sharpened sticks. This allowed them to obtain more protein and calorie rich meat, which promoted further development of their bodies and brains.

True Strength Moment: To throw a spear or fastball, humans stretch muscle tendons and ligaments by rotating the throwing arm away from the target. This action stores elastic energy that is released when the arm accelerates forward. Like any physical skill, overuse can take something off your game, so make sure your recovery lets you come back stronger and even more accurate.