Rock Your Cardio Day

You’ve got plenty of options for cardio day. There’s treadmill and trail running, stationary bike and road cycling, lap swimming and jumping ropes. If you’ve got rhythm and a set of drums, a study published in theInternational Journal of Sports Medicine suggests playing rock star can burn a significant amount of calories.

Researchers had 22 young men with drumming experience complete a test that compared rock concert drumming to pedaling a stationary bike. Drumming burned about 623 calories per hour while cycling burned between 20% to 25% fewer calories. Heart rate while drumming averaged 186 beats per minute. For comparison, normal rested heart rate for adults in their 20s is about 100 beats per minute.

True Strength Moment: You wouldn’t perform the exact same weight training routine for longer than 6 to 8 weeks, because you understand that your muscles will have completely adapted to the stress by that point. To make further gains, you need to change up a stale routine and force your muscles to adapt to more sets and reps, greater resistance, a different order of exercises or whatever. Maybe it’s time to apply the same rules to cardio day.