Try This 30 Minute Workout

The most common excuse for not getting regular exercise is there’s just not enough time left in the day. While it’s true that you have to set aside some time to work out, you have a couple of very effective training options for quickly getting in and out of the gym.

Work In Supersets – A superset is two exercises performed consecutively without a break. You can use supersets with exercises for different muscle groups or for the same muscle group. A popular method is combining exercises for opposing muscle groups such as chest and back, biceps and triceps or quads and hamstrings. Supersets increase the intensity of your workout while shortening the training session.

Decrease Rest Periods – Another method that ramps up intensity while getting you out of the gym faster is decreasing the amount of time you spend resting between sets and different exercises. A standard workout would consist of a set (series of repetitions) followed by a rest period of 2-3 minutes before beginning the next set. If you cut that break in the action to 60 or 90 seconds, the workout will be completed faster and your muscles will have to work harder.

Increase Resistance — Volume is one thing, but sometimes less is more. Instead of performing 4 or 5 sets of multiple exercises for each muscle group, try loading down the bar with heavy resistance and banging out reps to failure. This approach can help you accomplish a similar end result while saving you plenty of time in the weight room.

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