Exercise During Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year when you’re more than likely to hear people sniffling or coughing at the gym. While it’s always a good idea to use a gym towel to wipe down anything you’ll be grabbing during your exercise session, a story published online at ScienceDaily.com offers some tips on working through an illness of your own.

Generally speaking, it’s probably okay to hit the gum if your symptoms are from the neck up. Like a sore throat or runny nose. Exceptions to that rule include if you’re running a fever or so congested you have trouble breathing. If you do decide it’s okay to train, take it easy. Your body is using energy to battle an illness, so don’t push your session the way you would if you felt great. Use the same approach when getting back into your routine after taking time off to shake a cold. Dial down the intensity as well as the duration of your workout.

True Strength Moment: Remember that first tip about wiping down surface areas your hands will touch? If you do go to the gym with a minor head cold, be considerate of the other people. Don’t take part in a group class or play team sports until you’re sure you won’t pass an illness on to anyone.

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