Do you want to be the one contributing towards making India the diabetes capital? If not, then among the several strategies to help prevent this disease, a fiber rich diet is proved to be the most important one!
Penn State University researchers had 50 obese adults go on a reduced calorie diet. Half of them were on fibrous carbohydrates coming from whole grains, while the other half had refined carbs. The whole grain dieters not only lost more abdominal body fat than the refined grain eaters but most importantly also decreased their levels of C-reactive protein by an impressive 38% (An indicator protein for Type 2 diabetes and Cardiovascular disease risk). This is enough reason to switch over to more fibrous carb options.
To add pure fiber very conveniently to your diet you have an awesome option to supplement fiber as well! Try ON’s FITNESS FIBER to fiber-up your diet program and bring down your chances of acquiring this slow killer disease.

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