Simple Vs Complex Carbs

The carbohydrate is your body’s preferred source of energy. Your body can most efficiently turn a carbohydrate into ATP, which is your body’s form of energy. Carbohydrates consist of sugar molecules and exist in simple and complex forms. The difference between a simple and complex carbohydrate lies within the molecular makeup of the carbohydrate.

The Basics of Nutrition By Growth Stimulus Training Creator Ryan Miller

Think of carbohydrates as chains of sugar molecules. For the body to use these chains, the chain needs to be broken apart into single links (glucose molecules). The longer the chain, the more complex the carbohydrate, because the longer it takes the body to breakdown the chain and utilize the individual links. These chains can also be branched as well, similar to the branches on a tree. The more branched, the more complex as well.

A basic example of a simple sugar is a single glucose molecule. There is no chain, only the single molecule of glucose. An example of a more complex carbohydrate is maltodextrin, which consists of a chain of glucose molecules. Maltodextrin is still fairly simple, but it is more complex than a single glucose molecule alone.

Why does this matter? Well, the simpler the carb, the more dramatic effect it has on your body as a result of its digestion. If you want immediate energy to burn, simple is the way to go. But for times when you aren’t going to be burning your carbs you ingest immediately, complex is best. I can elaborate on this further if you’d like, just email your questions.

Simple carbs can be found in foods such as soda, candy, white bread, white pasta, fruit juice, and white rice. Complex carbs can be found in whole wheat breads, wheat pasta, fibrous vegetables, and brown rice.

For all goal oriented fit people who crave for carbs and cheat from time to time, eating a Pizza or a plate of pasta, there is the solution:


Cheater’s Relief

Cheat Without Consequences with BSN Cheaters Relief

No, we’re not talking about cheating on your spouse. We can’t think of a (legal) supplement that would remove the consequences of that kind of cheating! No, we’re talking about cheating on your diet.

After all, even the most hardcore athletes fall into temptation sometimes. The call of a piece of birthday cake, a high-calorie meal at a favorite restaurant, or a big bag of potato chips is sometimes just too hard to resist.

And it should be! If we have to give up all of our favorite foods forever, is a diet really worth it?

Cheaters Relief Lets You Shed the Guilt of Splurging
But here’s the exciting thing: thanks to BSN Cheaters Relief, even when you do go overboard on your favorite foods, you don’t have to pay for it with increased fat gain. Think about it – total freedom from the “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” mentality!

One of the main reasons why many diets fail is that people get tired of being perfect angels all the time, overeat, and then get depressed when they suffer a setback. BSN Cheaters Relief spares you from this nasty cycle, increasing the effectiveness of your diet and your willingness to stick to your goal.

How Does Cheaters Relief Work?
BSN Cheaters Relief works on three levels, to prevent extra calories from overeating from ruining your hard work in training:
1. Cheaters Relief blocks the absorption of fat and carbohydrates from the food that you’ve eaten, so that most of the unhealthy calories are simply washed out of your system without harm.
2. Cheaters Relief also includes insulin amplifiers, to divert some of the calories that make it through step one into muscle building instead of fat production.
3. Finally, Cheaters Relief blocks the conversion of extra calories into body fat, letting your muscles use the extra energy themselves instead of storing them in fat.
As you can see, Cheaters Relief not only helps protect you from the fat-gaining consequences of overeating – it actually helps you to build stronger, firmer muscles out of those extra calories!

Cheaters Relief Gets Better with Time
With testing, it was discovered that the positive effects of Cheaters Relief actually build up over time. That meant that even with more slips in a diet, people were seeing firmer, more muscular bodies when taking this supplement! Instead of needing to eat perfectly 100% of the time, people using Cheaters Relief were able to splurge on “dirty” foods up to 10% of the time and actually look better doing it!

If you are tired of feeling guilty or depressed about enjoying delicious foods, or you are worried that you will suffer fat gain or loss of shape and definition in the days that follow your cheating episode, then run out today and get BSN Cheaters Relief. Now you can eliminate your guilt and improve your shape and body when you want to be bad!

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