A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism suggests that when you eat might be even more important than what you eat. Researchers fed lab rats a diet with 60% of the calories coming from fat. One group was allowed to eat 24 hours a day, while the others were only allowed to eat for a daily 8-hour period.

After 100 days, the 8-hour feeders who fasted for 16 hours each day weighed 28% less than the rats who ate all day. They also showed no adverse health effects such as elevated cholesterol or fatty liver disease. Even more astonishing, on an exercise test rats restricted to 8-hours of daily eating outperformed rats who were fed a ‘normal’ diet where fat accounted for only 13% of calories.

True Strength Moment: Although none of the diets used in this study compare to the choices made by clean eaters, there’s something to be said for skipping dinner after a high-fat breakfast and lunch. If you sit down to breakfast at 7PM, your last meal of the day would come at around 3PM on this 8-hour eating plan.

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