Skipping Breakfast Can Lead to Fat Gain

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you know that missing breakfast could lead to fat gain?

If you skip breakfast, your levels of the protein hormone leptin change. Leptin regulates your metabolism, lack of leptin allows the body to hold on to extra fat. When your metabolism slows down, it’s called the catabolic muscle wasting state. Ideally, the first thing after waking up is to make sure you are attaining proper protein and carbs through a healthy breakfast.

Adults who eat breakfast regularly are generally thinner with a lower risk of disease. Eating breakfast doesn’t just minimize fat gain. It provides you with energy, better concentration and great problem solving focus. Eating a solid breakfast also fulfills your hunger and prevents binging later on. Other negatives of skipping breakfast are higher cholesterol levels, lower insulin sensitivity and hunger. Hunger increases the urge to consumer more calories when it isn’t mealtime.

When you eat breakfast first thing, this meal jumpstarts your metabolism for the day and feeds you energy so you can function. The best example to give an idea of the importance of breakfast is to think of it as filling your vehicle with gas before a long trip. If you don’t fill that tank, then your vehicle could stop running. If you don’t consume a proper breakfast your energy levels can minimize exponentially as the day progresses. Remember: breakfast to a human being is like gasoline to a vehicle.

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