L - Carnitine 500 Tabs

Physical performance goals often involve developing strength while losing excess body fat. L-carnitine, a compound biosynthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine, can help you burn fat while augmenting exercise performance.

Research published in the journal Amino Acids showed that L-carnitine helps lower blood glucose levels so that fat is used as an energy source. Another study appearing in the Journal of Physiology found that daily supplementation coupled with carbohydrate ingestion resulted in less muscle glycogen being used during exercise.

True Strength Moment: In your arsenal of performance supporting sports nutrition products, one contains a little boost of L-Carnitine along with a whole lot of other ingredients that support sizable goals. Platinum Hydrobuilder is ON’s most comprehensive muscle constructor formula. And today’s the last day you can vote for this advanced product to win Bodybuilding.com’s New Supplement of the year and Muscle Building Supplement of the Year awards!


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