The Value Of After Work Effort

You’ve probably heard about the association between hours of TV watching and obesity. A new study published in the¬†Archives of Internal Medicine¬†takes the dangers of remaining seated more than 8 hours a day to a frightening new level. An analysis of self-reported data from 222,000 individuals age 45 and older suggests that the risk of death spikes after accumulating more than 11 hours of sitting per day. Inactive people who remained seated the longest nearly doubled their chance of dying within 3 years. The risk was just 15% higher for those who remained seated 8 to 11 hours per day.

True Strength Moment: While it isn’t very practical for office workers and students to insist on standing during meetings and lectures, what you do after putting in a full 8-hour day makes the real difference. Instead of heading home to hours of lounging on the couch, after sitting in front of a computer or blackboard for the majority of your day, head to the gym or get outside for some fresh air.