Endurance Exercise Recovery

The amino acids in protein help rebuild muscle after the breakdown that occurs during resistance training. But what about endurance exercise? A study published in the journalMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise compared the recovery supporting potential of chocolate milk to a carbohydrate beverage.

After running for 45 minutes at 65% of capacity, male subjects were given either chocolate milk or a carb-only drink. Muscle biopsies were taken 3 hours later followed by a treadmill run to exhaustion. Milk stimulated protein synthesis and even though muscle glycogen wasn’t affected by either post-workout drink, treadmill time to exhaustion was greater for the milk drinkers.

True Strength Moment: Recovery from exercise involves amino acids from protein for muscle rebuilding, carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment and some time off to let both processes to take place. Strength athletes tend to downplay the importance of carbs and endurance athletes have a reputation for being indifferent to protein. For recipes that take both macronutrients into consideration, search the protein smoothie database at OptimumSmoothie.com

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When dieting, some people still think it’s helpful to skip meals, starving themselves with an eye towards a lower overall caloric intake. However, fitness veterans and nutrition-savvy individuals generally tend to take the approach of eating as often as possible, usually every two to three hours. And while this may seem a strategy geared towards someone on a resistance training program looking to add strength and muscle mass, the truth is that this same approach is likely a dieter’s best bet as well. In fact anyone looking to establish healthy eating habits in hopes of achieving or maintaining a healthy body weight would be well-served to make a point of eating at regular intervals. Frankly, skipping meals and starving yourself tends to do more harm than good.