How To Keep Your Diet Real

As summer approaches and the warm weather threatens to expose the gaps between resolutions and reality, a study published in The Journal of Nutrition offers a very straightforward tip for losing more body fat. Simply make the switch to whole grain wheat bread.

Researchers put 79 overweight subjects on an energy restricted diet of 1250 calories per day. Some were allowed to eat bread made with refined grains while others were given only whole grain wheat bread. After 12 weeks, both groups lost about the same amount of weight, but those who consumed only whole grains lost 3% of their body fat compared to 2% for the refined grain group.

True Strength Moment: Sticking to a diet of whole foods means making selections that remain as close to their natural state as possible. Whole grain bread products which retain the entire grain seed meet this standard better than refined grains that have had the bran and germ parts of the kernel refined out. This process also removes much of the dietary fiber, iron and B vitamins. What other foods can you make more whole in your diet?