Super Charged LEUKIC® Pro Series™

There is no doubt that amino acids are an important supplement for any athlete to include in their training program; that’s because amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. One specific amino acid that’s well known is the amino acid L-Leucine. Knowing this, Team MuscleTech® has formulated a powerful formula based on the amino acid L-Leucine –LEUKIC® Pro Series™. In fact, LEUKIC Pro Series has also been formulated with melatonin, a compound that has been shown in a clinical study to help increase production of one of the body’s most anabolic growth factors post-workout.

Team MuscleTech researchers have taken L-Leucine supplementation to the next level by adding a university-studied dose of L-Carnitine to LEUKIC Pro Series. This key compound has been shown to increase androgen receptor concentration. The core ingredients in LEUKIC Pro Series make it the perfect addition to your pre-training supplement program.


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