Green tea contains caffeine which provides thermogenic support for weight loss goals. It’s also a rich source of catechins like EGCG. A study published in the Journal of Functional Foods suggests that catechin-enriched green tea might help reduce body fat levels over and above regular green tea. When 118 obese subjects supplemented their diets with catechin-enriched green tea, they lost an average of 3.7 inches of visceral body fat over 12 weeks.

True Strength Moment: The catechin-fortified tea also packed a greater dosage of caffeine: 69 mg per serving versus the normal 40 mg in a regular cup of green tea. Researchers believe both catechins and caffeine played a role in fat loss. A study referenced on today’s Performance Blogat shows how caffeine can boost your capacity for anaerobic effort.


Want to improve your odds for successful weight loss? A study published in the journal Obesity suggests teamwork can have a very positive impact. Analyzing the results of a 12-week statewide weight loss competition called 2009 Shape Up Rhode Island where 3,330 overweight participants formed 987 teams of 5 to 11 members, researchers found that individuals who lost at least 5% of their body weight tended to be clustered on the same team. The team leader often experienced the greatest amount of weight loss.

True Strength Moment: Leading by example paid off big for the leaders and other members of these very successful teams. They stayed with a program of calorie restriction and exercise by motivating each other. It just goes to show that holding yourself and others accountable can help make goals a reality. To see how the pounds add up with poor food and lifestyle choices, check out today’s Performance Blog post at