Finding Your Rage

Rage. This is not a casual term. There is nothing passive or half-hearted about such an intense emotion. Suppressing or bottling up passions so strong and forceful can be hazardous to your health and detrimental to the safety of those you come in contact with. Rage explodes violently, it lashes out with blind fury, it boils over and melts down. It isn’t subtle, gentle or delicate… It is unrelenting, it bulldozes forward undeterred, it tramples all that is within its path. Wild and uncontrollable, rage is often too powerful for those it overcomes.

Channeled properly, however, rage can be very useful and productive indeed. This overwhelming transformational power, when in the right hands, has the capacity to turn mortals into monsters, the fitness flock into full-fledged freaks. Training on the highest levels, necessitates a kind of madness, a certain reckless abandon. It takes a primal sort of aggression to meet the weights head on and to not only resist bending and giving in to their will, but to instead break the iron… To dominate it. To control it. To manhandle it with brute force, using these rigorous bouts fought on the edge of physical peril, to transform into something greater than a mere man.

Distilled to its bare root essence, rage has four fundamental elements—energy, focus, intensity and insanity. Four very powerful factors on their own, but combined their impact can be startling. These four aspects not only help to define the abstract concept of Rage, but they also help to perfectly illustrate the unapologetic intent and mind-blowing benefits of the latest supplement weapon to come off of the New Brunswick, NJ assembly line, The Ultimate Energy & Performance Stack, Animal Rage. Breaking down this furious four, it becomes crystal clear that getting in touch with your inner rage, while utilizing the transformative tool that is Animal Rage, can have an awesome influence on your training and your physique.

Energy Forever on the hustle, it is easy to feel the grind wearing down on you, before you ever even set foot in the gym. Long days and even longer nights often have the hard training iron warrior needing to catch his third wind… A stiff, brisk breeze at your back that carries you through your most grueling workouts, even under less than optimal conditions. No sleep. No excuses. No bullshit. Just results.

Focus They say this is the quality that so often separates the greats from the rest of the pack… The ability to shut out the external world and hone in on the job at hand. In the humming buzz of a euphoric fog you have blinders on with your gaze fixed on your target destination and that alone. This is your happy place. There are no distractions in this space, no spectators in your zone, no pretenders to the throne. Just you, the cold iron and a date with destiny.

Intensity There is a raw, meditative concentration inherent to the inborn fight or flight response we feel when shit gets real. Facing big weights and bigger expectations and not backing down takes equal parts brass balls and bravery. But beyond mere courage, it necessitates a mean streak, a dig in and grit your teeth kind of fortitude that simply refuses to be stopped, one that will not surrender, will not fail, no matter what the obstacle. Hardcore bodybuilding is not a pastime for the meek of spirit or the weak of heart. This shit is intense.

Insanity To summon up the blistering anger it takes to go head to head with ponderous poundages bent on your demise is far from a normal activity. One must become comfortable with lunacy, familiar with their shadow self and be able to revel in a bloody shower of demonic madness at the flip of a switch. There is a thin line between love and hate and in this microscopically slim expanse is a finer stripe dividing genius from psychotic frenzy. Controlling this insanity and using it in as purposefully deliberate and sane a manner as possible could be the difference between being a madman and an architect of history.

For some weight training is more than a simple hobby, trips to the gym more than mere errands. For the true diehards, for the elite of the iron warriors, their workouts are a matter of pride, a declaration of being. For these rare few, who know what it is to walk the line, to drive the nail, to fight the good fight til all their fight is gone, they know the blessing that is the raw emotion of rage. For them, and them alone, there is Animal Rage. Let the weak of will and the feeble of spirit be warned.

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