One Scoop, One Shot, One Kill: Animal Rage

Often in life, when you get it right the first time, it only takes one shot. In the many months of formulating and testing Animal Rage, this became abundantly clear. Take your time, do your homework, keep your eye locked in on the target, account for all of the variables and take the mark down… If your aim is true, you’ll hit the bull’s-eye the first time. Game over.

Once Rage trickled into the hardcore underground pipeline, it didn’t take long to realize we hit dead center. The resounding testimonials, the shattered PRs, the vows of loyal devotion poured forth from the most dedicated of iron warriors. The buzz was strong, and word spread fast. Never ones to settle, even when victory is at hand, we went back to the well to tweak the flavors, working hard to make sure that the most powerful supplement on the market also could taste as good as humanly possible–taking that “preworkout shot of Jack” and through the miracles of modern chemistry, making it taste like a refreshing poolside umbrella drink. What we’ve noticed however, is that having the best formula, or even now tasting great, isn’t necessarily the thing that keeps the first-time Rage user coming back for more.

At Animal, one thing we pride ourselves in, above all else, is in being stand up guys… Hard working men of our word. To live with honor and dignity is the old school foundation upon which any of our success and progress has been built over the years. We’re a family company, and these sort of close relationships impact each and every one of our interactions, including those with our consumers. From ABCs to The Cage to the FORVM at, the bodybuilders, powerlifters and iron athletes that swear by our products aren’t just our fans, they’re our friends… They are as much part and parcel of the Animal experience as anyone else in the crew. Though many, we are one… Animal Nation.

With this fact in mind we enter into the commercial enterprise of slinging supplements to the massive masses, carrying the weight of great responsibility. Sworn to deliver products that work, products we use ourselves, to the most dedicated weightlifters on the planet, we could never live with ourselves, gaming our hard-working brethren out of their hard-earned buck. This ethos of honesty directly informed the formulation of Animal Rage. Not only did the ingredient profile have to be on point, with ample dosages of all of the most powerful energy, focus and performance nutrients available, but you had to have all of that delivered in one shot.

The label reads 44 servings and that is exactly what you get… 44 doses… 44 workouts worth of Animal Rage. No magic with numbers, no 2-3 scoops per serving, no fleeting efficacy. None of the slick ultra-concentrated marketing you read all over the magazines. No bullshit. Everything you need to get “jacked” in just one single scoop. You do the math. 44 servings at 5 training sessions per week gets you more than 2 months of workouts in each stout black tub of Animal Rage. That’s right. Not only are you promised the most balls out, productive trips to the gym you’ve ever had, but you’re getting them at a value. Nothing watered down. No weaksauce multiple-scoop servings. No empty pockets, no empty promises.

What you see is what you get, and what you get is what you paid good money for… Breaking PRs without breaking the bank. That is the Animal way, and you can’t beat that. One scoop, one killer workout. One shot, one kill. That’s Animal Rage.

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