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5 “Keys” to Supplementing With Success

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We all know nothing beats an old school workout. You let it all hang out and you punish the iron. You feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, right? You have. But when do you actually grow? Well, we don’t grow in the gym.In the gym, we destroy. We tear down the body. We only grow when we are recovering.
That’s right, I said recovery. I see it all the time–people beating themselves up in the gym and not seeing results. They don’t understand that hitting the weights hard is only a small part of growing or even cutting down. I could train the same all year round and get big or get ripped just by eating different and taking different supplements.
Timing is the key and you must take advantage of when to take in food and when to take your supplements.Depending on your goals, you might eat more at times or cleaner at times, but there are times you must take in supplements no matter what your goals are. Solid foods are great.
Solid foods are the most important element and should always be used to gain mass, strength, and cut down.Below are my five “keys” to supplementing with success
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