Break Your Plateau with The Rest-Pause Technique

We all hit a plateau at some point of our exercise program. Now, the difference between the athletes who keep improving and those who are stuck in a plateau is the key muscle shocking lifting techniques such as the REST-PAUSE technique.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate):

A complex chemical compound formed with the energy released from food and stored in all cells muscle cells. Our bodies let our muscles use this energy system for short bursts (up to 10 seconds) of exercises performed. When we take short breaks up to 10 seconds, this ATP energy source gets replenished and allows us to go beyond our capability.

Rest-Pause technique is a great example of a lifting technique that can allow you to go beyond your capability by allowing you to perform more repetitions with a certain amount of weight.


→ Pick a weight you can only do 7 straight reps with!

Exercise: The Bench Press

Sets: 3

Weight: 285 lbs (EXAMPLE)

Rep Range:

  • 4 reps (5-10 second rest)
  • 3 reps (5-10 seconds rest)
  • 2 reps (5-10 sec rest)
  • 1 REP (this last rep should feel as if you are benching 1 Rep Max)


Total Reps: 4+3+2+1= 10 reps→ ALL THIS COUNTS AS ONE SET!

For example, let’s suppose you picked a weight that you can perform 7 repetitions with.

Example: 7* 285 (is your range), but using the REST-PAUSE technique above you just performed 10 reps with 285lbs, As explained above the ATP energy source rebuilding during short rests allowed you to perform a total 10 reps with a weight that you could have only performed 7 reps with if it was to be a traditional straight set. Those extra 3 reps that you got in is what we call going beyond your capability. This is what is going to get you out of that plateau.

 Key Points:

  • Make sure you test this system out with moderate weight first to find out what you are up against.
  • Once you have done that, find that perfect weight that will allow you to use this technique properly.
  • You do not put too much weight and have to rest too much or too little weight and you could have done much more reps than the set is designed for.
  • Make sure to have a spotter if this is your first time trying this technique
  • Keep in mind that the short rests are enough to rebuild ATP for muscle strength, however they do feel shorter than they are if you are using the right weight with the right rep range!
  • Keep changing your rep range with this technique to shock your muscles into new growth
  • The weight ranges shown above are only examples (find your own reps range and what works best for you!).

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