Achieving Blood Rushing Pump for Growth

Muscle pumps in the gym is the most satisfying feeling for gym-goers. This blood rush into the muscle cells giving you the pumped up look also contributes so much to muscle growth factors.

Besides it has extremely motivating and inspiring effects. A good pump in the gym is one of the biggest reasons that will lead to muscle growth, along with proper post training nutrition and supplementation. But before we get to that lets talk about behind the scenes of what really goes on in the body for the skin tearing pumps to occur:

Here is what occurs during the pump in the muscle cells:

* The release of Nitric Oxide.

*Relaxed Endothelial cells.

*Expanding of Blood Vessels.

*Enhanced Blood Flow.

*With increased blood flow, testosterone, Growth hormone, amino acids,
insulin-like growth factor gets delivered to the muscle cells.

*As a result, more blood flow allows for more anabolic
nutrients to feed your muscles.

How to Achieve this pump:

* Try to use plateau breaking techniques such as double/triple drop sets, triple add sets, giant sets, negatives, FST-7 style training etc… which activates all your muscle fibers to achieve maximum blood flow.

* Take Pre workout supplements such as NO (L-arginine) and creatine based supplements with GLYCERIN (see clinical study below about Glycerin).

* Take caffeine for pre-workout which lets the supplements work even more efficiently as well as boost strength and power output (fat burning products include caffeine).

* Immediately take your whey protein along with some simple carbs post workout to feed the muscle cells.

*Drink plenty of water.

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