Nutrex’s Deadline Diet

One of the most educational things a person can do for himself is to set a deadline for reaching his physique goal. An impending deadline forces you to accelerate the learning curve and you will acquire more info about how your body works than ever before. Sometimes the deadlines are self-imposed; other times you may have a specific event in mind for which you want to peak.

Maybe you’re a competitive bodybuilder prepping for an upcoming contest. Maybe you‘re just a regular guy or gal, who wants to knock the socks off your old friends at the high school reunion, or look good for your upcoming vacation on the beach. It doesn’t matter. The following diet can help you reach your goal.

A couple of things to keep in mind here. One, we have included supplement recommendations for those that use creatine, testosterone boosters, fat burners and other little helpers. Second, this diet is not only designed for the competitive bodybuilder. All the information can be used by the noncompetitive person as well.

This is a 16 week diet with four main phases. In each 4-week phase, the diet, training, and supplementation will be manipulated and/or changed. This isn’t necessarily a painless diet, but if about 16 weeks from now you want look the best you ever have, then this is the diet for you.

Phase 1:

Let’s figure out how much protein and carbs you’ll need. Take your total body weight and multiply by 1.5. This is how many grams of protein and carbs you’ll be eating (a 1:1 ratio). For example, a 200 pound male would eat 300 grams of protein and 300 grams of carbohydrates per day. Your fat intake comes only from the naturally occurring amounts found in the protein and carbohydrate sources, but do not exceed .5 gm of fat per pound of bodyweight per day. These ratios will change from phase to phase.

Food intake should be spread between five or six meals. We would recommend you get a large amount of your allotted carbohydrates right after training, preferably in a post-workout drink (VOLU-GRO Preferred). You should also taper your carbohydrate intake towards the evening (depending on when you train.) In other words, your last meal of the day should be lower in carbs than your previous meals.

Okay, now, what are you supposed to eat? Honestly, phase 1’s menu is pretty bland and boring, but it’s also very simple. (It’ll get a little more complicated later.) The majority of what you eat should come from the following:


Chicken Breast (boneless/skinless) Turkey Breast
Ground Turkey Breast Tuna
Orange Roughy Cod
Halibut Red Snapper
Shrimp Crab
Salmon Swordfish
Egg Whites Flank Steak
Top Sirloin Buffalo
Ostrich Low Fat Yogurt (Sometimes)
Low Fat Cottage Cheese Protein Powders
Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs)


Brown Rice Wild Rice
Lentils Steamed Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes (Baked or Steamed) White Potates (Baked or Steamed)
Oatmeal Pinto/Lima Beans
Salads (No Cheese or Croutons)

Eat as clean as possible, but don’t get caught up in the sodium issue. We’ll only worry about sodium in the last week. We recommend buying a food scale and a Nutrition Almanac. Weigh your food to be sure of proper portions. It is easier to diet if you have all your food prepared the night before. You know that when you’re hungry and can’t just grab something healthy already prepared meal, chances are you will probably end up cheating. PREPARE your food ahead of time!

Phase 1 Example Diet (Day 1)*

200 lb. Total Body Weight (1:1 ratio of carbs to protein)



Carbs (g)

Protein (g)

Fat (g)

8:00 am 30 min on Treadmill
2 Multi-Phase Capsules LIPO-6X
8:30 am 1 Cup Oatmeal (Cooked) 54 10 6
10 Egg Whites (Large) 0 35 0
1 serv Protein Powder such as PRO-GRAM 3 30 3
3 Liqui-Caps of VITRIX
11:00 am Meal-Replacement Supplement 40 40 8
1:30 pm 6 oz. Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless) 0 53 8
1 Cup Brown Rice (Cooked) 46 4 0
2 Multi-Phase Capsules LIPO-6X
4:00 pm Meal-Replacement Supplement 40 40 8
7:00 pm 1 serv. of VOLU-GRO (Post-Workout) 60 0 0
7:30 pm 6 oz. Flounder Broiled 0 41 3
6 oz. Baked Potato 43 4 0
3 Liqui-Caps of VITRIX
10:00 pm 2 serv. Protein Poweder such as PRO-GRAM 6 60 6


Calories = 2,680*




*Estimated Values

The Cardiovascular training in phase 1 will be 4 x 30 minute’s sessions of cardio per week. Remember to get your heart rate up the required fat burning rate. Adhere to the following formula to determine your exercising heart rate: 220 – your age x .70 = BPM (Example 220-36x.70 = 128.8)

As far as training goes, we recommend that you continue with your regular training regimen for this phase. Do not change anything. Try not to change your entire life overnight. We will change your training program later in the program.

Supplementation in this phase should consist of Nutrex Research’s LIPO-6X, Vitrix and VOLU-GRO, and PRO-GRAM, as well as meal replacement powders. Here is what we recommend for Phase 1:


LIPO-6XLIPO-6X is unique and superior to other fat burners since it is the first and only male fat burner that utilizes multi-phase capsules which are two capsules in one: A rapid release liquid outside capsule for instant results combined with an extended release inside capsule that works up to several hours. LIPO-6X is the first and only fat burner specifically designed for men that offers speed and duration. A quick and rapid onset of its powerful fat-burning and energy-promoting effects combined with a controlled and extended release, will ensure maximum weight-loss results day and night. We recommend the addition of two LIPO-6X Multi-Phase Capsules in the morning and two more in the afternoon to kick start you metabolism. LIPO-6X will also assist in burning of genetically disposed adipose tissue (fat) found in those stubborn areas such as stomach, love handles, and chest. We suggest consuming about 8 oz. of water with each serving of LIPO-6X.

If you take LIPO-6X about 30-45 minutes before a meal you can benefit from its pronounced appetite-suppressing effects.


3 Liqui-Caps 2 X per day with meals.

VITRIXVITRIX is a powerful natural testosterone booster ideal for building lean dense muscle. VITRIX is the only pro-testosterone formula that utilizes a liquid capsule delivery system to guarantee maximum absorption. With its high quality ingredients and superior delivery system VITRIX enhances testosterone levels quickly and measurably. This creates an enormous anabolic effect inside the muscle cell allowing it to absorb a vastly increased amount of nutrients like protein, creatine and glycogen. In bodybuilders who are dieting, VITRIX helps to preserve vital muscle tissue and strength levels. Furthermore, VITRIX contributes to enhancing recovery, combats over-training, allows for a more intense and aggressive training style while significantly improving your pump during workouts. Using VITRIX along with your Deadline Diet will make a difference!


1 serving per day on training days (post workout), 1 serving per day on non-training days (morning)

VOLU-GROIn order to keep your muscles full and properly hydrated during the first phase of the Deadline Diet, it is recommended to add the potent creatine and glycogen loader VOLU-GRO. Since VOLU-GRO is completely sugar-free, it won’t interfere with your goal of going after that rock hard, shredded look. On training days you should consume one serving of VOLU-GRO immediately after your workout. During periods of dieting, loading CREATINE and GLYCOGEN simultaneously into your muscles following an intense workout is crucial. VOLU-GRO will do just that and the result is continuous muscle growth along with a massive pump and quicker recovery.


PRO-GRAMPRO-GRAM is a bioactive 7-phase super protein powder. It is designed for fast-acting as well as sustained release protein delivery to your muscles. Its amino acid profile is nutritionally complete, and it is very high in protein, low in carbs, and low in fat. This performance super protein is ideal to build muscle or in our case to help preserve muscle during periods of calorie-restricted dieting.

At the end of four weeks, you should be adapting to eating more frequently, doing your cardio, and getting your rest patterns down, as well as getting used to the reduced fats in your daily diet. Now it‘s time for Phase 2, so don’t get too comfortable!

Go to Phase 2

Check back! Phase 3 and Phase 4 will be coming soon.


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