BSN® Nominated for Nine Canadian Supplement Awards

BSN® is honored to have been nominated in nine categories for this year’s Muscle Insider Canadian Supplement Awards, recognizing the best nutritional supplements available to our friends north of the border! These awards are voted on by actual supplement users and consumers, so winning would be a tremendous achievement and yet another reinforcement of BSN®’s place among the worldwide leaders of the industry.

The complete list of BSN®’s nominations is as follows:

Please go to to place your votes. BSN® appreciates all your support, and we look forward to taking home a few of these trophies when the winners are announced!

ZMA Review

ZMA stands for zinc magnesium aspartate. I remember when this supplement came out years ago with all the usual hype.

Most ZMA capsules are a combination of these two before-mentioned minerals and vitamin B6.  Manufacturers claim taking it will promote lean muscle mass, improve  sleep, and increase testosterone production.  Let’s take a look at these an other claims made by the supplement makers.

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Nutrex’s Deadline Diet

One of the most educational things a person can do for himself is to set a deadline for reaching his physique goal. An impending deadline forces you to accelerate the learning curve and you will acquire more info about how your body works than ever before. Sometimes the deadlines are self-imposed; other times you may have a specific event in mind for which you want to peak.

Maybe you’re a competitive bodybuilder prepping for an upcoming contest. Maybe you‘re just a regular guy or gal, who wants to knock the socks off your old friends at the high school reunion, or look good for your upcoming vacation on the beach. It doesn’t matter. The following diet can help you reach your goal.

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