The Protein Dilemma: Which to Choose?

Protein is made up of amino acids, which are building blocks of muscle. By consuming protein at different times (in the morning, between meals, before training, after training, before bed, etc.), you are giving your muscles the fuel to recover from workouts and build up bigger and stronger than ever! So, which protein source is┬ábest? This all depends on when you’re taking it.

Biological Value (BV)
Protein sources vary in usability and absorbability and this is measured by a ranking system based on Biological Value (BV). The higher a protein source is ranked in BV, the faster it’s absorbed and readily used by the body. There’s a time and place for slower absorbing proteins, and for faster absorbing proteins, so check out the graphic below to figure out what kind of protein source is best for you and when you should take it.