Olympia 2011’s Main Event: Jay Cutler Vs. Phil Health


Jay Cutler Interview
Phil Heath Interview
First, the reigning champion, JAY CUTLER, who “cuts” his way to first place in almost every show he does. His sights (and arms) are set on holding onto what seems to be an endless legacy.

He’s already considered the current best bodybuilder in the world, but if there’s one term the great and powerful Jay Cutler would like add to his title, “of all time” would be it.

Iron Jay is already coming off a first-place finish from the 2010 Olympia, but as far as 2011 is concerned, it’s his town, his time, and his trophy.

A man justly named “The Gift,” who has risen through the bodybuilding ranks steadily since 2003, nailing top-place finishes. The Mr. Olympia title is so close PHIL HEATH can taste it.

He’s huge, he’s hungry, and he’s headed to Las Vegas with one thing on his mind-giving us the greatest gift of all by showing up with a Sandow-winning physique.

Neither man is willing to back down, but both men are willing to give you their back stories and back workouts.

Jay Cutler Back Workout Phil Heath Back Workout

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