Pros & Cons of A Big Breakfast

The word breakfast comes from the term ‘breaking the fast’ which took place during the 7 to 9 hours you were sleeping. This is especially important to active individuals who are frequently in a state of muscle recovery and glycogen resynthesis. The importance of breakfast has taken on a new meaning for dieters who have been told that sitting down to a big morning meals helps reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.
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Green Tea Extract is Super Potent

No one would argue that people who exercise with intensity are doing their body a world of good. But the effort releases free radicals that can damage cells if left unchecked. That’s where antioxidant support comes in. A recent study published in Journal of Food Biochemistry found that polyphenol-rich green tea extract is a potent free radical scavenger that neutralized their adverse potentially effects.

True Strength Moment: Green tea extract is one of the natural energizers in ON’s new Essential Amino Energy. The idea behind this versatile beverage was to provide active individuals with an anytime boost of natural energy and muscle-building amino acids. Maybe some antioxidant support too.