You enjoy an anytime energy drink like Essential Amino Energy because of the refreshing fruit taste, the way is mixes up so easily in cold water and the boost of energy and muscle building support it provides. According to a meta-analysis of studies published in the journal Gastroenterology Research and Practice you might be getting weight loss support as a side benefit.

Researchers theorized that the 142 participants in the studies they analyzed lost an average of 2.47 kg (about 5½ pounds) more than the placebo group because of green coffee extract’s potential to inhibit the release of glucose stored in the liver. That forces your body to draw glucose from fatty tissue instead.

True Strength Moment: While this science is certainly very interesting, researchers determined that more studies are needed to fully realize the potential of green coffee extract as a weight management aid. Until then, enjoy the boost of physical energy, mental focus and muscle rebuilding support that Essential Amino Energy provides.