Running Beats winter Blues!

Don’t let cooler weather keep you from spending quality time out running theneighborhood. A New York City Orthopedic Doctor recommends winter running as a way to overcome a condition known as seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression brought on by fewer daylight hours. Running stimulates the release of endorphins known to create a sense of euphoria during intense exercise. Running can also help keep you in good enough shape to jump right into your favorite springtime sports once the calendar rolls around to warmer weather.

True Strength Moment: Cold weather exercise requires a little more thinking ahead than warm weather workouts. You should dress in layers to keep your muscles warm, and make a point of stretching before and after your routine. Warming up with a light jog before hitting speed is also recommended. And don’t forget about hydration. Just because you don’t feel yourself sweating as much doesn’t mean you aren’t losing fluids.